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Pest Control
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Sicamex Company specializes in manufacturing and marketing products of the highest quality that provides solutions for sanitary, veterinary, disinfection and pest control problems.


Our company provides nationwide services directly to the end-user, as well as through retail chains such as Hagarin, Amir, Hamashbir and many other markets. In addition, the company cooperates with a wide variety of local authorities and councils.


Over a 10-year reputation -our customer service combined with reliable products makes Sicamex on the first line of sanitary, pest control and prevention products.



Factory Address:

Haroshet 24 Kiray Bialik

Phone number:04-8764044

Fax: 04-8764045



Office Address:

Techernihovski 24 Kfar Saba

 Phone number: 04-6220013

Fax: 09-7681721



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